Grazie, Cicli Pinarello!

Cicli Pinarello.
'the frame-builders.'
© 2007 Richard Lee - All Rights Reserved.

Almost twenty-four years ago to the date was my trip to see the great Italian frame builder, Giovanni Pinarello. Famous for his beautiful racing bikes and... as the last rider to actively pursue the maglia nera, or the black jersey from the 1951 Giro d'Italia. I have fond memories of him. He was extremely hospitable, distinguished and rightly proud of his noble handmade bicycles. With camera in hand I was graciously allowed to photograph inside his factory in Treviso. Awe inspiring for a young cyclist/artist from Canada! Here's another photograph I re-discovered from my archives from that wonderful time at the world-famous bike builder, Cicli Pinarello.


Groover said…
It's a very nice photograph.

How much time did you spend in Italy?
Richard said…
Thank you. I was in Italy for about three weeks. And you know, I feel the urge to go back this time, in the Spring/Summer!
Groover said…
I am thinking about visiting Europe in Summer 2009, too. Italy or France (with a quick visit to Germany to say hi).