Christmas Cheer to all!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

With Christmas fast approaching, I'm getting ready to relax and enjoy the holidaze. Especially, special thanks to all that have stopped by to read and leave comments. Always appreciated. I'll take some time off to recharge and will be back soon enough with more cycling stories.

We wary Vancouverites will have a truly white Christmas as my image reveals. I for one am secretly wishing for that magical rain to fall. But meanwhile, I'll celebrate the festivities with plenty of fun!

So, I wish everyone many X-mas cheers(clink!) & a prosperous 2009!

Keep ridin' & smilin'!


Groover said…
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ... :-)

I'm looking forward to reading countless educational posts about the history of cycling and lots of other interesting snippets in 2009. Keep up the great job. I love reading your blog.

Merry Christmas, Richard.
Richard said…
Why, thank you Groover. I'm already thinking about the next post!

Merry Christmas!
Groover said…
Christmas is just not the same without the white stuff. :-)