Exercising the pleasure for reading.

Joe Parkin's revealing & often zany read of pro cycling in Belgium!

Now that I'm in full holiday mode I'm reading some fine cycling books. Ecstatically, I have a few days off. As the snow is slowly melting away, I haven't touch the bike in a few weeks. My only exercise is walking to the local food store or cycle shop. This morning, I dug out the car from all that compacted snow and put in a real good sweat. Call it exercise as I spent around an hour pushing & clearing away the heavy white stuff. I'd rather be on the bike.  

So, I'm reading some fine books borrowed by Guy Wilson-Roberts(aka. Le Grimpeur). I just finished the enjoyable, 'A Dog in the Hat,' by American ex-pro, Joe Parkin. Parkin does well in his storytelling as an American racer riding in 1980's Belgium. Throw in gutsy realism of surviving the professional cycling ranks and the volatire mix of doping all with a dash of humor makes a great read.

My next two books are, 'Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape,' by Paul Howard(thanks again, Guy!) and 'Push Yourself Just a Little Bit More,' by Johnny Green. 

I'll go back to enjoying the books but I'll tell you ... I can't wait to push the pedals, once again!

Snow & more snow...
All the better to go in and read!