That Classic Look.

Back in 1986.
Jean-Francois Chaurin (Miko-Carlos). Note: Clothing pins keeping it together.
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Only a short while ago, the simple clothing pin was all that kept a rider protected. Sure, pins are commonly used to attached the number bib to the jersey but it sure helped out, although awkwardly, with the arm & leg warmers.
These days, elastic seams are sewn in to keep the warmers from falling and are used throughout in cycling clothing.

But you know, back then it sure gave the rider that rough hewn look!

Merckx at the 1977 Tour of Flanders.
Note: The pins keeping the arm warmers together. Couple with the Cannibal's intense gaze & barely hanging on arm warmers... it's definitely a classic look!
From: 'Eddy Merckx.'


Groover said…
My partner must be a very classic man. He is still pinning his armwarmers to his jerseys with safety pins. :-)