How SWEDE it was!

Magnus Backstedt (formerly of Garmin-Slipstream) retired after 13 years as a pro. His big presence (6' 5", 200 Ibs of it) was felt especially at the Classics. Paris-Roubaix was his favorite race. And who can deny him it, he was built for it. First crack at the Queen of the Classics gave him his confidence to win it one day. In 1998 he finished his first one in 7th. In 2004, he made cycling history by realizing a life long dream. A year after, in 2005, he just missed the podium coming in a strong 4th.

Heres to one of the fine riders of the pave and to his worthy win back in 2004!

Passion for Pave...

"About '92 when Duclos-Lasalle won it for the first time I remember watching that race, I had a big poster of Duclos winning it, and I always said I want to ride that race one day. Then in '98 I got signed to a big enough team to ride it and straight after I finished I said, "I'm going to have that stone before I hang up my bike."

... Magnus Backstedt.

Kings of Pain...