Portland Showoff!

Yes, my search has ended!

It all started innocently enough with my search for brake lever hoods. Portland bike stores was my objective and I was adamant of finding a pair.

I'm very proud to show you my brake lever hoods. It took quite sometime looking for replacement hoods for my old Campy Nuovo Record ones. These knock offs are from a company called, EAI (Euro-Asia Imports). Although, they fit a wee bit tighter than the Campy's ...I'm estatic with the results!

Which reminds me of the song...

'Well, if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!'

My thanks to Demetri from Veloce Bicycles for making my journey well worth it. And a special thanks to Verg of Revolver Bikes!

Up close.

It's also good reason to put on new handlebar tape!

Looking very good!

Love my new Vittoria Rubino Pro Slicks.
I'm running them around 110 psi & they grip so well!