Felix Redux!

Swiss made, the Mondia 'Special'
right next to a classic Pinarello!

And without further acclaim, I'm happy to present the last installment of my memorable visit to see Felix's amazing bike collection. Here's a few more images from his historical group of thirty, steel frame bikes (except for the aluminum Guerciotti).

Swiss made, Mondia, started in 1918 and made high quality racing machines. The company, which is no longer in business, made three top frames: the criterium, the touring and a cyclo-cross model. Felix's, Mondia 'Special' touring frame is a beautiful red and made with Reynolds 531 steel tubing.

Sante Pogliaghi made sought after road frames for top riders like Merckx. The Milan based frame builder also produced high ended tandem & track frames, too. He passed away in the mid eighties and the manufacturing rights are owned by the Basso brothers.

Giuseppe & Angelo Mondonico began building top frames in 1929. The famous Italian brand still produces great steel frames, today. Felix mentioned to me that he had his exquisite Mondonico measured by Antonio Mondonico, and stands to be his favorite ride!

A classic Pogliaghi.

More interesting items to see
in the back!

Felix's top favorite, Cicli Mondonico!

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Unknown said…
It's great that people like Felix are keeping a bit of history alive. In these days of advancing technology & all our shiny new toys, we have a tendency to forget the beautiful classics of the past.