Seat of Distinction.

Twenty-two years old, and going strong.
My trusty companion!

I admire my San Marco Rolls Saddle. Going on strong when I first bought it back in 1987. The nera Italian is one comfortable saddle. It's gone through extreme heat to soggy rain always supporting my behind. A true friend.

Italian saddle maker, Selle San Marco started building their beautiful saddles in 1935. I'm not sure when the Rolls was introduced but it's one of the company's top professional saddle. Begins as a nylon shell then cemented with an high density foam padding extending from the tip to the back. The padding helps so well that there is likely no nerve damage to the rider. A stylish gold plated 'Rolls' logo is riveted on the back to hold the calf leather to the shell. Supported on steel rails that are brass plated to go nicely with the gold plate. A great fit and classy Italian finish.

For my next bike ...the choice is obvious!

Stephen Roche.
On top of his Rolls he rode on to win the 1987 Tour.
He's one of the countless pro's to enjoy the benefits!
From: 'Tour 87.'


Arturo said…
I have one of those too. It got me through a 12 hour time trial a couple of years ago with no problems and is still going strong. If you can't take the time to break in a Brooks, then one of these is a sure winner!
Matthias said…
I just got a white Rolls and have been riding it a little. I like so far. I've been primarily a Turbo/Flite man, but I think this Rolls will stay on my Gios.

Richard said…

I just saw your post... looking very nice!