I'm Pumped!

More to love from Portland...
my Oregon sticker & new Poco pump

As most of you faithful readers know I still had to resolve my damage pump issue. I just returned from the bike shop and I did it... and bought myself the most excellent Poco Pump from Portland Design Works.

Compact it is...

Maybe it's the inherent cheap side in me, at the shop I gravitated towards the nine buck, plastic toy like pump trying it out hoping to buy it. Then, I looked over at the sleek Poco pump and it rested very nicely in my hands. After careful consideration, I didn't want to make the first mistake of paying for something cheaply made and with my luck eventually break down.  I bit the bullet and took home the Poco paying three times more than I expected. At home I tried the incredibly compact Poco, measuring just 6.8"(172mm) & feather light at 3.2 oz (90 g). And you know? It works very well effortlessly inflating my presta valve spare tube. It's probably my artist sense in me that I notice the superior construction of the cnc-machined head, bamboo handle, & the alloy lock lever. Form follows function. Simply beautiful.

I'm a fan. And now I'm very glad to have the Poco pump with me on my next biking adventures. And no one is paying me to say this!

...extends to only 10.5 inches!