Art Inspired

 Burnaby Mountain.

This morning (8:30 AM) was one of those mornings that felt right. I left for a solo ride to Burnaby Mountain home of Simon Fraser University. I thought I'd tackle it as the weather looked promising. Better than yesterday's 'swim' from the University of BC.

On my way up Burnaby Mtn. Parkway I met an older rider on a carbon Colnago going at steady slow tempo. His name is Art, originally from England, 73 yrs old and looking very fit. I said I just turned 50. Art replied, "I could be your father." I smiled. In fact, he's training for September's Whistler GranFondo the 120 km course starting from downtown Vancouver all the way up to Whistler.

It's always nice to ride & chat as I discovered with Art. We both climbed steadily, why kill ourselves? We talked about his bike and mine. His carbon Colnago is used from Russia equipped with Dura Ace. The Sun was shining and the temperature was a cool & a perfect 11C. He mentioned his first love for riding at an early age discovering freedom on two wheels. I, too, started young and found the bicycle the perfect vehicle for total freedom. Just ride & go anywhere. I feel that whenever I ride. What a joy. Interestingly, he rode a few of the major mountains in France; Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez, & Tourmalet. I'm impressed.

We passed the SFU athletic field to see the women's soccer team practice. 'Football', says Art. He's a big fan of the sport. We crest the top and say no to coffee and we head back down the mountain. And, we have another thing in common. We talk about Fritz, probably the west coast's prolific bicycle collector. I've wrote about the man and his tantalizing collection here. Our fun ride together is over as Art turns off in the direction towards his next climb, Mt. Seymour. I wish him a good ride.

So, I leave him feeling elated and inspired by his youthful energy on the bike. What an interesting man. Thanks Art for the ride!