A Canadian in Holland

Tuft hold onto the leaders jersey.

Svein Tuft has held the leaders jersey in this years Eneco Tour for the last three stages. He's the only Canadian rider left since Michael Barry suffered a fracture rib and didn't start stage 2.

A scant three seconds is all that is separating the Canadian from the up and coming & last years winner, Edvald Boasson Hagen. It's precarious for the TT specialist but I applaud him and his Garmin mates for keeping the coveted white jersey.

Tomorrows stage 3 goes cobbles around Ronse, Belgium. That means the riders' will dance on the pave of the Tour of Flanders. That's 16 short, hurtful climbs. It will be exciting as I will follow the stage with support for Tuft & Company. There's the possibility that Tuft will lose his favorite white jersey but then I'm hoping for a Canadian 'take down' in Holland!

Bad luck for Michael Barry...
A fracture rib during the first stage means he's out of the Eneco Tour.