Cool Pro Head Badges

Mr. Merckx...
From Felix's cool collection...

I think I can safely say this. There's one thing we all share in common is the love for the bike.

We ride it and admire it. The bicycle is tangible ethereal beauty that holds a certain spell over us. I'm waiting, patiently, for my restored Marinoni. And if time dictates, I'll have it to mark the new year of 2011.

As you all know, I have a passion for steel frames (new & old) and I get a kick when I see professional cyclists' head badges. Very distinctive to see a pro's caricature often a mark of a champion, unfortunately not to be seen today.

You'll notice the famous one's of Bobet, Merckx, Thurau... but have you ever heard of Steinmayr or Urago?

Here's a few of my favorite ex-pros head badges...

In color...
The Famous Didi Thurau.

From the Fifties; Francois Urago ex-track pro from Nice.

Wolfgang Steinmayr was a Austrian Pro in the Sixties.

Flashy: Louison Bobet the 3 time Tour Champion.