Le Coq Returns Back To The Roost

1961 Tour,
Maitre Jacques took over the yellow jersey after
stage 1 & kept all the way to Paris. Charly Gaul (r) was third.

The famous French clothing manufacturer Le Coq Sportif scored a revolution to return as official supplier to the 2012 Tour de France.

Le Coq crows ... again!

Since 1996, Nike is the current supplier and will step down to be replaced by the popular French clothing icon.

Le Coq will crow once again celebrating it's 130th anniversary adorning the Tour's famous jerseys; Yellow, Green, Polka Dot & White.

Le Coq Sportif started in the 1951 Tour, that year, won by Hugo Koblet. Born in the late 19th century, the brand was founded by Emile Camuset passionate about sports especially track & field, football and cycling. Le Coq Sportif began in 1882.

Bon retour!

1968 Tour...
Jan Janssen.

1974 Tour leaders,
Patrick Sercu & Eddy Merckx.

The Badger.

Last year of the reign of Le Coq Sportif.
Jersey leaders' Pedro Delgado & Steven Rooks beside
Lucho Herrera.


Empidog said…
Great news....Keep it classic
Richard said…
Agreed! The proud French Coq will crow again!