Zappi Happy!

Classic Italian...
Grazie Flavio!

I left for a ride today and most often than not, I carry or wear a cycling cap.

The cycling cap is one item that I wouldn't be caught without, on a ride... except for today.

Depending upon the weather conditions I usually wear a trusty cycling cap. Today's ride was full on sun and very warm. A good reason to wear one, to deflect the sun and to soak up the sweat. I'm  halfway through my ride and I occasionally have a feel in my jersey pocket (just to assure me everything that I'm carrying is safely back there).

Well, I'm thinking that I lost one of my favorite caps, Team Zappi from Flavio Zappi. So, I call home to ask Carolle if, by any chance, I've left it on the working table. At this point, I'm hoping I did forget it. It's one of those twilight zone moments, for me, whether I've packed or lost it. She tells me it's all good and sitting on the table... safe.

My twilight zone moment is over and I happily finish my ride. I get back home and some of my Galstudio cycling caps need a hand wash. A nice warm day to put out my freshly washed caps to dry!

Just some of my trusty Galstudio cycling caps...
(l to r top row): Ventoux, Pyrenees, Bobet.
(l to r bottom row): Custom Capello, Rigolo, Gruppetto.