Warm ride with the Flemish

Back from my ride...
The NEW 100% wool Flemish winter cap 
by Galstudio

I'm finding some time in my busy schedule to finally go out and enjoy the simple pleasures of cycling.

Yesterday, was a rare sunny day and cold (around freezing) so I set out for a ride around the University of BC and up the winding 4th Ave hill. I had a quick pasta lunch before leaving thinking it would give me enough to sustain my 20 mile spin. It did but my legs were heavy. Call it lack of riding.

The Flemish
(image © Galstudio)

These days my riding is all about just going out on the bike and enjoying. It's so fun just spinning and looking out at the ships in the bay and breathing the cold crisp air.

One indispensable piece of cycling attire is the cap. A must need item. And with the weather temperature steadily dropping, the winter cap is part of my cycling wardrobe. This is my second test ride with the new 100% Wool Flemish winter cycling cap and it scores big time on my scale.

We decided to produce another all wool winter cap after the crazy success of the the limited edition Brits cap (now discontinued).

I have two wool cycling jerseys and there's an intrinsic value to wearing wool. It provides warmth, wicks perspiration and feels and fits well. Our Flemish winter cap is lightweight and so warm that you can just concentrate and ride. It's my favorite winter cap.

We re-design this new winter cap with two sizes: Small/Medium (21 - 22 1/2") & Medium/Large
(22 1/2" - 24"). So, when ordering please specify size. And we also re-design the ear flap (made from 100% cotton jersey knit) to make a better fit.

It's a classic cap in classic plaid, the type of cap that would be well suited even in Flanders. My enjoyable cold weather rides in and around Vancouver... is more enjoyable with the 100% wool Flemish winter cap!

Another important feature...
Made to be comfy under a helmet.