On Winter Riding

No one to chase.

Winter riding is something I think about and seldom do. 

I try to get out on the bike as often as I can.

Depending upon where you live, the weather is a factor whether you go out or not. I'm thinking work falls a close second in terms of deciding whether you have the time or energy to ride. We all work right? Just going out, breathing in fresh air and riding is the name of the game (and pleasure) at this time of year. The intensity is lessen but fundamentally sound to go out for a comfortable spin. Extra fun if you go with a friend or more. I'm thinking of the expresso or beer stop along the way.

Solo riding is good too. Leaving your stress behind and riding with your own thoughts is the perfect therapeutic environment. I don't remember how many times I rode by myself and came back feeling rejuvenated!

I'm lucky, I suppose, living on the west (wet) coast having just to cope with another riding day of wet gloomy weather. A rain cape, a warm Galstudio winter cap and water proof booties does the trick. Two years ago, we had a freak huge snowstorm and I can remember being house bound for about ten days. It rarely snows here but when it does, Vancouver becomes somewhat comical, snowed in and cycling is non-existent. 

Which comes to tomorrow, Guy and I will finally ride together. I'm thinking hard here... we haven't rode together since last August. I'll be testing Christmas gear I received and I'll make sure to bring along my camera to take pictures for an upcoming post.

A New Years eve ride, and although the forecast is calling for sunny skies (I'd better check that again) it's going to be good riding with Guy .... again!