Go M: 25!

My Marinoni restored with the M: 25.

As you all know, my dear readers, my restored Marinoni is 25 years old and I wanted to celebrate throughout this year in a special way.

With design expertise from Carolle aka Mrs. Ideas, I'm pleased to present the newest cycling cap from Red Dots Cycling... the M: 25!

Sounds a little like code for a secret intelligence service, but no it stands for; M for Marinoni and 25 years. We kept the idea deceptively simple and it works well.

I'm extremely happy how the new blue cycling cap turned out. Our fabric supplier had four shades of blue and this one was the closest I could match to the medium blue. I wanted a stripe (how can you not?). Mrs. Ideas came up with the cool idea with two stripes to symbolize the black old school Marinoni script in the white banding. And the finishing touch, her idea, of the distinctive 3 red dots on the back of the cap. I'm as happy as hell the three distinctive red dots will become a permanent design on the back of ALL new caps.

The M: 25 is available for purchase through our Etsy site. As always proudly handmade in our studio workshop. I have the prototype M: 25, smart looking complimenting my 25 year old Marinoni. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing it on my next ride!

The three new distinctive red dots.


Jim said…
A great looking cap for a great looking bike! Happy birthday to both of you.
Groover said…
A match made in heaven. Kudos to the designer! :)
Richard said…
Mrs Ideas smiles back ;)