FRFuggitivi Escapes to Musette Cafe & Happy Birthday Pepe!

Thanks Guy for the Musette Cafe treat!

As I write it's approaching the end of a beautiful day...

This morning was our last formal ride of FRFuggitivi for this season. As the Winter soon brings the rain that we don't necessary embrace. My rides will be few but I always manage to get out. The group ride will find it's legs most likely in early Spring. Some of us has agreed to meet the odd day and to put in some winter mileage. Quality over quantity.

Fuggitivi's fueling up.

The squadra (Guy, John, Mario, Brian & yours truly) found quick tempo through UBC and proceeded to coffees at the welcoming, Musette Cafe. John posed for a picture with his newly altered Paris-Roubaix cycling cap by Red Dots Cycling. He's looking good and seriously styling. Conversation turned to topics of Phil Gilbert, the 2013 Giro route, while watching on the big screen of Team Sky 'carers' making sandwiches for their riders. Guy and I are ready with this Tuesday's bikesbooksbeers podcast. Mario paid me for a La Francaise cycling cap that I owe him. He's right when he says it's going to look great with his LaPierre. The weather turned from a very cool start to a, dawn the leg warmers off sunny kinda warm morning. This September has been a surprise for us, a pleasant sunny surprise. As October arrives, we can only hope for more sunshine.

r to l: Brians' Orbea, my Marinoni
& Marios' LaPierre...
The only cafe where you can park your bike, inside!

John styling his Paris-Roubaix cap.

Love this two-button classic jersey.

I'd like to mention today is the 75th birthday of Gisueppe 'Pepe' Marinoni! Many more to the father of my 1987 Marinoni!

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