Friday File: SpiderTech Rolls To 2014 & Bruising Omerta

Steve Bauer rolls on to 2014...

Friday File time, I'll start it off with....

Steve Bauer and his surprising announcement that Team SpiderTech will not ride the 2013 season, instead placing his attention in acquiring financial sponsorship. They are Pro Continental now, and hope to move up to WorldTour status in 2014.  I was wondering what will happen to their riders and newly acquired US Road Champion, Tim Duggan. Sad news for Canadian cycling fans...

Good news: on Twitter they have found "teams for 2013", "'we've found a spot for Timmy, annoucements soon" and "none of the riders will take a financial hit for 2013"

Since 2011, the ever-hard working Steve Bauer and staff has built a solid and respected cycling team complete with great results. Now, Bauer feels it's time to push the envelope and find that big corporate sponsor(s). To reach this WorldTour goal requires plenty of money. Tricky negotiating ahead in this recession turbulent time but I'm more than confident that he will be back and enter 2014 with a valuable WorldTour ticket!

In the light of day...

In light of the doping news, I'm re-reading 'Rough Ride,' by Paul Kimmage. The groundbreaking truthful account of cycling/drugs from the embattled anti-hero now spinning into hero. His Defense Fund has climbed, thus far, to just under $59,000 looking like a runaway train of growing public approval. And, also to writer David Walsh who deserves equal admiration for unveiling Armstrong in his two books, L.A. Confidential and L.A. Officiel.

I was very shocked and sadden when news first broke when USADA revealed the 11 teammates who had testified against Armstrong. Michael Barry broke my unwavering admiration. As Le Metier of the peloton a stalwart of hard work ethos on two wheels, he admitted to doping during 2003-2006 while riding for the infamous US Postal team.

He said, "I apologize to those I deceived. I will accept my suspension and any other consequences. I will work hard to regain people's trust."

Barry was pressured to dope and later regretting his decision, an admission that was shared in statements by former Postal riders: Tom Danielson, Christian Vande Velde and David Zabriske.

Today was another outpouring of sorts to clean the doping air with the rightful departure of Johan Bruyneel. He still faces a board of arbitration next month. The Radio Shack Nissan Trek team is on their own rough ride. Fabian Cancellara wants Bruyneel to go and has stated, "I don't know if I can still work with him."

As it is, I'm still a cycling fan, but since Wednesday's shit hitting the fan gory mess, I wonder how much cycling will be left to enjoy. Hitting rock bottom could be the key to starting anew. I feel as much cheated and let down to be disappointed and sicken by it all. 

But, I'm learning to forgive those that admit wrong.