Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth

David Millar...
a phoenix emerging from the ashes.
photo: Tim De Waele

In the wake of the Lance Armstrong tempest, I just finished listening to the captivatingly sordid two-hour BBC radio broadcast; 'Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth.'

I want to thank Hans for giving me the heads up on this much needed pardon the pun, 'shot in the arm' listen to of the shocking revelations centering on the dark Lance Armstrong's doping affair.

It's both sickening and a joy to hear the floodgates of truth open. Of course, I won't reveal anything other than the 'figures' in this sordid tale are here and candidly interviewed with equally candid answers...

Tyler Hamilton (former Armstrong team-mate), Emma O'Reilly (Armstrong's ex-masseuse), Matt DeCanio (former cyclist), Dr. Michael Ashenden (cycling doping expert), Jeremy Whittle (Times Cycling correspondent) and David Millar (completed a two-year doping ban).

If you haven't listened to this broadcast, then I urge you to ...because it's too important not to miss!