On the Road to Valor

It's that envious time of the year where one may, and often happens, gives in to one of the many new cycling books on offer.

I've patiently waited for my copy from the library and now rewarded with; Road To Valor: A true story of World War 2 Italy, the Nazis, and the cyclist who inspired a nation by brother and sister, Aili and Andres McConnon.

If one was a casual cycling fan loving the contemporaries of cycling then I would suggest, at a heartbeat, this well written historic account of Gino Bartali. His world was old Italy, Tuscany where he discovered the love for the bicycle. He grew up in a world of bicycle myths;
a prominent French doctor claimed the bicycle posed serious health risks, especially ridden after sexual intercourse. A famous criminologist suggests that physical exertion required to propel the bike could "stimulate criminal and aggressive tendencies." Thankfully, all proven wrong.

But, here is where I begin to understand the great Tuscan, the well-know cycling hero and the wartime hero. It's captivating reading. But, that is where I will stop writing this post and continue reading this masterful account of the great Italian hero.


Empidog said…
Thanks Rich..Ordered my copy from the library looking forward to reading it...cheers
Richard said…
Well done Steve, I believe you will have more respect for Gino Bartali... what a great a rider and man!