Friday File: Raincouver, The Cannibal & Dog Gone Fun

Winter = Rain-couver.

Friday File time...

Now, that I'm feeling healthy to ride the weather does not seem to want to cooperate. That nasty bronchitis I caught is happily history with help from antibiotics. But, what's with the weather? It's 2C raining and cold. Ok I'm griping a bit here. Tomorrow will be officially my one month off the bike. I hope to change that. The sun is in the forecast and temperatures sinister around minus 1C to 5C. That's cold and I'll have to be inventive to wrap up. I don't plan to re-visit that horrible bronchitis experience. And, I just want to enjoy the bike again. Our FRFuggitivi group rides disbanded for a short spell but I plan to go out with Guy or John. In fact, John is trying to ride three days a week to keep up with fitness. I would be happy riding once a week during the bleak winter days.

I recently put in my Christmas order for kit, the basics that I long need to replace all the while keeping it under budget. Hopefully, it will arrive sometime mid-month and I purchased new pedals. Yes, in my slow to get out and join the rest of technology culture, I will finally upgrade my old Shimano pedals (thanks again Hans), and I will post it with a review of the new pedals once I receive it. The rest of the kit will be a surprise, again with a post upcoming when I receive it.

I want to thank Guy for 1. a fun end of season of bikesbooksbeers podcast (you can watch it here) and 2. Passing along the much anticipated, 'Eddy Merckx: The Cannibal by Daniel Friebe. I look forward to reading this book. These words, on the back of the book, are enough to start reading...

"His merciless domination of the sport ruined careers and revolutionised cycling. In this gripping and definitive biography, Daniel Friebe unravels the truth behind the Merckx enigma, revealing that his insatiable desire to win hid a terrible fear of losing."

1975 Paris-Roubaix...
The Cannibal vs the Gypsy. A classic example
of his insatiable desire to win.

Cycling crusader, Greg LeMond is back in the news. Did he ever leave? Well, he may be back as the new interim UCI President. Read my last post for details. Here is one of my favorite images from his return to greatness in the 1989 Tour de France.

1989 TdF,
will LeMond return to greatness once again?

Why cycling is so relaxing....

dog gone fun!
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