Long Live The Queen

It's the 1st of December and I'm already looking ahead to Paris-Roubaix.

To soothe my tortured soul. Here's a fantastic French documentary by Maxime Boilon of the 2002 muddy, exciting edition narrated by many famous folks. Marc Madiot is one, as he guides his FDJ troops through the muddy cobbled minefield sections. He is a hero winning the race twice (1985, 1991). Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle is another French hero winning twice (1992, 1993). Who can forget his 1993 amazing sprint to beat the late great Franco Ballerini. Ballerini was so crest fallen he swore he would never ride the Queen again, but nevertheless won in 1995 and 1998... solo.

At times watching the loneliness and despair of the riders falling and hanging on to finish the race is a study in pathos.

If French is not your forte then the historical imagery is enough to keep you riveted to this great classic.