Rollin: Classically Geared, Tour of Oman & Coffee of the Day

Dom Rollin... rolling at the Tour of Qatar and 
riding in Monday's Tour of Oman.
photo A/P

Solid weekend of riding, for me, as I have put in two rides on Friday (with FRFuggitivi) and today.

Slowly the miles are ticking off, and a new year resolution for me is to ride more and often. My update on my new Athena 11 speed left crankarm: it is nicely settling in with the Veloce crankset. I'll go ahead and call it Veloce/Athena crankset. I don't feel any difference (should I?) as it is working seamlessly together with Veloce. But, psychologically it does feel good to have Campy's 11 speed Athena on board. I never could afford the jump to the 11 speed gruppo and I'm happy with the 10 speed Veloce. Do we really need 11 speeds? But, somewhere inside me is wanting and kinda wishing for a taste of Campy's 11 speed family. No matter, perhaps for my next bike?

Speaking of solid racing, Dominique Rollin finished a solid 36th overall at the Tour of Sand er Qatar. For the rider that's targeting the upcoming classics his day in the sand continues in the Tour of Oman. A good warm up for all riders and I can't help but think there will be opportunities for the sprinters, like Rollin, in the Cavendish absent Tour of Oman. From his Facebook page, The Horse from the North optimistically said...

First race of 2013 over, I'm right where I should be with great form and desire to do well in the classics. No massage tonight but the sauna was quite lush!
On to Oman!

Rollin at the Tour of Qatar

Coffee of the day goes to BC based, Salt Spring Coffee: Organic Fair Trade West Coast. Surprisingly good taste of dark chocolate and dried fruit keeps me coming back for more.

Kudos to Thomas Lofkvist for winning the Tour of Méditerranéen of the new Swiss based Pro Conti team, IAM Cycling. Big win for them knocking the established ProTeams in France. I love it when an underdog wins. 

Onward to the Tour of Oman!

Tour of Oman starting list.

IAM a winner...
Thomas Lovkvist.
via IAM Cycling


Oman Traveller said…
Here is day 5 of the Tour of Oman going through Ruwi