Bring Along the Recycled Inner Tube Wallet on Your Next Ride!

My trusty La Piccola Wallet
photo: Cyclingart

One little nifty item I always carry with me, either on or off the bike, is La Piccola Wallet.

I first asked Carolle to make me a safe and secure pouch so I can store a few things like ID, money and keys on my rides. Read the post

She used recycled rubber, sourced from local bike stores, made to last and water repellent because Vancouver winters are wet. She made it so compact to fit in the back of a jersey comfortably. Importantly, the rubber is so naturally grippy it won't pop out of the back pocket - a good thing to know and NOT worry about when enjoying the ride.

The Piccolo pouch is good to throw in the back of your cycling jersey pocket or backpack but it won't feel so good in the back of your jeans. 

So, La Piccola Wallet was born!

I used to have a bulky bi-fold wallet. I was in desperate need for something smaller. We designed a simple, well made, recycled from bike inner tubes wallet to carry the essentials... and not look and feel like a deck of cards in the back pocket. 

We have been making La Piccola Wallets for a few years and you can purchased them off our website

As you know we have an ongoing indiegogo campaign and our goal is to offer custom embroidered cycling caps and wallets. We are offering a $20 Perk called Le Domestique... a special edition rubber inner tube wallet with Red Dots Cycling Logo.

If you're interested in a durable, well-made, compact wallet... then La Piccola is it!

Thanks for your support!