Friday File: Fritz the Project & Four Jerseys of the Giro.

My last ride with Fritz (left), Paul & Brian
was two years ago.
photo: Cyclingart

Friday File time...

Hans contacted me with an interesting project about making a short documentary film on Fritz. I think it's brilliant that one of Vancouver's top commercial photographer is including... me to be part of this important project. I haven't seen Fritz for a little while now and can't wait to reconnect with him. Good news, the project is confirmed and Fritz said, 'He is totally into it.' Here's my first contact post with Fritz.

Fritz and some of his vast collection.
photo: Cyclingart

Fritz is the man that has the vast collection of mint vintage steel bikes, probably one of the largest collections in the country or better yet in North America. He rebuilds all his vintage beauties and is very  knowledgeable in bicycle history. I had a ride and chat over coffee with Hans and discussed his project.   It's in the early stages - I'll keep you all updated on Fritz-The Film!

Here's some interesting information on the four classification jerseys for the Corsa Rosa...

The Maglia Rosa is the leader's jersey. Sponsored by Le Gazzetta dello Sport the Italian sports newspaper is printed in pink. The points jersey is rosso (red) to showcase the fiery passion of the fight for points. The best climber's jersey (KOM's) is azzurra blue of the sky. The best young rider's jersey is bianca (white) the innocence of youth.

This year's course has been designed around three aspects...

Balance: The route is balanced and fair, so riders can show their talents and skills.

Respect: A rider-friendly course. The stages are shorter, on average four hours duration rather than six hours, gives riders time to recover between each stage and they should be back at their hotels by 7pm.

The beauty of Italy: Visiting the beautiful cites and towns: Naples, Ischia, Matera, Florence, Vicenza, Brescia. Climbing the famous Galibier (st.15) , Stelvio (st.19) and Tre Cime di Lavaredo (st.20).

Honors will go to the famous composer, Giuseppe Verdi (Busseto, st.13) and the San Sepolcro-Firenze stage 9 honoring the great Gino Bartali. Stage 12, Longarone will commemorate the deaths of two thousand villagers in 1978. A landslide into the lake of the Valjont Dam caused a tsunami that drowned several villages at the base of the dam.


Michael said…
Really interested to see how the shorter race times at the Giro works out. If it means everyone is just a little more fresh and rested, it could become more competitive among a larger group of riders. Interesting film project too; must be some stories in those bikes.
Richard said…
Hi Michael,

It will be interesting to follow, perhaps not the battle of attrition of the past. It's going to be fun working alongside with Hans ...and Fritz!
Johnny said…
I wish I had a crew of guys like that to ride with! Other vintage roadies are a rare sight around my area.