Friday File: Sharing The Artisan Passion, Roubaix Kings, Thank Goodness for Bicycle Repairman & Happy Holidays!

Friday File opens with a tribute to Santini custom cycling clothing passionately handmade in Bergamo, Italy.

Here's an inspirational video of Pietro Santini and his daughters that run this iconic cycling apparel company. Inspirational for me. Their philosophy parallels along the same lines with my Red Dots Cycling cap company; innovative design, artisanal produced and passionately made locally are hallmarks to unique success.

I covet my 1984 SMS Metauromobili Pinarello wool jersey purchased in Treviso. The jersey is beautifully made and truly harkens back when wool jerseys were widely used in the peloton. Exquisite detailing, felt lettering and bold horizontal stripes are breathless.

A few years ago, I contacted Flavio Zappi (holder of the green mountains jersey from the 1984 Giro) and mentioned the jersey and he was envious he doesn't own one anymore. I was tickled that he would be on the hunt for one. Flavio rode for Metauromobili from 1983-84.

I wish you all can actual see this...

my 1984 Metauromobili Pinarello SMS jersey
photo Cyclingart

Back in pave history...

Dominating 1984
photo Cos Vos

Here's Sean Kelly making his move, with 45kms remaining, in the 1984 (very muddy) Paris-Roubaix. He will go on to reach front runners, Gregor Braun and Alain Bondue. Rudy Rogiers would also bridge the gap and together with Kelly escape and enter the Roubaix Velodrome... where Kelly had no problems winning the sprint. 1984 was an incredible season for Kelly ... winning 33 races. No wonder they called him, King Kelly!

And, the current King of Roubaix...

photo Kristof Ramon

When trouble strikes...

... bicycle repairman, thank goodness you've come!

Five days and counting...

this is the last Friday File before Christmas...