Oakley Prescription Sunglasses Now At LensCrafters

Back in the 1985 Tour de France, Steve Bauer wore the now iconic, Oakley Factory Pilot sunglasses. I saw the cool factor in them and bought a pair for myself and I remember being very happy to wear them on my rides. I was immediately hooked on how comfortable they felt, the amazing protection and innovative design. 

A short while ago, I accompanied Carolle to Lenscrafters in Capilano Village, North Vancouver to pick up her prescription glasses. And to my pleasant surprise, I discovered they sell the fashionable Oakley sunglasses and prescription glasses. Importantly, it's something I think about - as a wearer of prescription glasses myself. My current glasses have transitions and will protect my eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays but are not very stylish when it comes to wearing it with my cycling kit.

The Oakley glasses are.

With that in mind, I invite you to visit Lenscrafters in Capilano Village, North Vancouver where you will be warmly greeted by Sharon and her staff, try on the sporty and stylish Oakley glasses - they are currently having a special Oakley month event. And, if you are thinking of sporty and stylish prescription sunglasses - this is the place to go!