Friday File: Why I Can't Wait For The Tour To Start, Marinoni Debuts In Montreal, DIY Mudflap & New Yellow & Blacks

Whoa! If you haven't seen this, well look what awaits the riders this summer, stage 18 in the Alps...

Lacets de Montvernier,
18 hairpins cut into the side of the mountain, 3.8km at 8%.
via Tinkoff Saxo

The documentary film, Marinoni: THE FIRE IN THE FRAME will make it's Québec debut...

Montréal, RIDM Festival November 21 & 22! 

Read my review here.

My DIY front mudflap...

Marinoni w/ DIY mudflap.
photo Cycling Art

Getting ready for winter riding means plenty of prep. In the past, I've made mudflaps out of leather. This time I'm opting for lighter plastic. I enjoy tinkering and have everything on hand so I used my trusty Dremel tool and with the right gauge of plastic I crafted the ultimate mudflap. And it didn't cost me anything.

New for 2015...

I can't say I like the color choice...
Get ready for the yellow & blacks of Team LottoNL-Jumbo.
When a professional cycling team merges with a professional speed skating team.