Friday File: The Racing Bicycle: Design, Function, Speed and Awe-inspiring

Joop Zotemelk and Mercier,
1976 Tour de France
photos Cycling Art

Friday File and I'm reading the informative and beautifully illustrated history of 'The Racing Bicycle: Design, Function, Speed.' I believe, most cycling enthusiasts would be glad to find their favorite iconic brands represented here. Better yet, for me, from a design point of view of how craftsmen such as; Masi, De Rosa, Colnago, Pinarello and Bianchi helped shape (literally) their passion to create the racing bicycle to become two wheeled legends. I'm now going through this remarkable 'bible' on racing bicycles for the umpteenth time, re-discovering and marveling the rich history of the racing bicycle.... awe-inspiring.

1973 Gios torino made very famous by Roger DeVlaeminck
 created by Aldo Gios

We also need the terrain to inspire us...

And great races, like the Giro d'ltalia,
to further inspire us...

via Castelli Cycling


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