Happy New Year Ride: A Good Ride is Good for the Soul.

On the dry roads in Richmond.
self-portrait: Cycling Art

The old adage, 'Food is good for the soul' rings true. I'd like to add a new adage for cyclists to follow, 'A good ride is good for the soul.'

New Years Day and first ride of 2015 - our friendly FRFuggitivi group embraced my new adage warmly. Unusually cool (0C) and sunny today as we happily rolled through the tranquil landscape of rural Richmond passing cranberry and cattle farms. Guy orchestrated the new route including riding through our old Richmond Roubaix dirt road we last rode in 2009. Thankfully without cobbles. The only 'incident' was a run in with a errant goose flying very close in front of me almost blindsided me.  It was a goose all right as he let out a disgusted 'honk' at me. Oh did I mention that, 'A good ride is good for the soul?'

Happy New Year everyone.