FRFuggitivi up and over in Anmore/Belcarra and get into The Program

FRFuggitivi team at Belcarra Park.

I wasn't going to let a week off riding deter me from tackling the hillier slopes of Anmore. I had a good excuse for my lack of riding. On Saturday, from my LBS, I picked up my Marinoni complete with a new free hub. After 4 years of 'hard' use, it was time to replace it. Yesterday, along with my FRFuggitivi brothers I followed up the numbing hills and down a treacherous descent and into the serene beauty of Belcarra Park. One of our many mantra's is ride and ride, enjoy the company, have a good espresso and occasional craft beer. Also, it's my pleasure to deliver Red Dots Cycling caps - this time to Phil...

'Flandrien' Phil with his new Flandrien cap 
photo Cycling Art

I'm anything but a puncheur, the Philippe Gilbert - Peter Sagan type able to bound over short steep climbs. On one of the long climbs I found the pace comfortable with Mario and we chatted about the upcoming Lance Armstrong movie, The Program. Here's the very interesting trailer of the disgraced anti-hero by Stephen Frears (The Queen). I'm not sure when it will be released in North America but I'm looking forward to it.