Friday File: Cycling Cool; Cabbage patch riders, Icons of Hell, Peter Sagan & Good Days/Great Days

1964 Tour de Cabbage.

A mix bag on Friday File: 

A look at a past training method in the Tour, an icon of the Hell of the North, Peter Sagan and a marvelous short film on the positiveness of cycling including my friend, Steve Reynolds of Oxford, UK. Enjoy...

Going back into Tour history...

According to cycling historian, Les Woodland author of The Unknown Tour de France, a humorous practice for Tour riders was...

"There were charming customs like wearing a cabbage leaf beneath a cap to fend off the sun."

I knew of this quirky custom but never seen an actual image of it (not that I ever thought otherwise) until now. Does that mean, back in the day,  team soigneurs used cabbage for both training and food? Talk about a duo purpose.

"I found this weird strange love for riding cobblestones, and realize I was quite quick at it as well."

- Magnus Backstedt

Time for a Peter Sagan commercial break...

Good Days & Great Days are what you have when you ride a bike!