John would have been proud

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Yesterday marked a couple milestones for our FRFuggitivi team. A huge group of 16, the largest ever, rode in honor of the first anniversary of the passing of John Lee. And we officially showcased our new FRFuggitivi kit. I met my team mates at the usually Kent and Ontario cross street and was pleasantly surprised by the enormous group. Phil was our Patron for the day and he devised a clever 85km route through UBC, Stanley Park and to a special Burnaby finish.

Not too far to Dageraad Brewery.

John was one of our founding members that was as old school as I thought I was, he rode a steel bike... but with down tube shifters and toe clips. That suited him to a 'T' as I remember him powerfully riding the ridiculously steeped Indian Arm climb effortlessly. He was well known as having the most powerful calves in our group. I fondly remember he would bring his daughter, Peyton to the Burnaby Superweek criterium race and he proudly said to me that he was building up a steel bike for her. So was his love for cycling and especially for his daughter.

Great company and great beer.

We proudly rode in our new FRFuggitivi kit and looked damn good as a team. We made such an impression, and grabbed the attention from a few cycling teams along the way. Our ending was as perfect as the ride. Phil guided us to Dageraad Brewery for their 2nd anniversary where we all toasted to a special man who coined our mantra, #moremilesmorebeer... Here's to you John - Cheers!

Enjoying one with Guy and showcasing the custom cap made by
Red Dots Cycling.
photo: Guy

We took over the lone bike rack at Dageraad.

In memory of..

John Lee: 
February 29, 1968 - May 14, 2015