Enjoying the Bicycle Craft Brew-ery

For now, my custom FRFuggitivi growler will sit unfilled:( 
All photos: Cycling Art

There are about 184 craft breweries and growing in Ontario. The other day, I dropped over to meet Laura of Bicycle Craft Brewery in Ottawa. We delivered a new batch of Red Dots Cycling custom caps and, of course, enjoy some beer...

As we're experience a new province we're also experiencing a new growler rule...

I thought to bring my FRFuggitivi custom growler (above) and wanted to fill with beer. No way not here in Ontario. Laura stated that they and all other breweries do not take outside growlers because they do not want their beer to be consumed under another label and vice versa. Imagine finding a foreign object (i.e. shard of glass) in a growler but it was filled improperly at another brewery. It can be a nasty experience. Then there's the quality control thing, a growler can have a crappy lid that doesn't seal nicely, a beer can be ruined a few hours later. Having moved from BC, I'm fresh with the open growler policy but unfortunately not here in Ontario. Laura mentions there may be hope soon where outside growlers will be accepted. Until then, I've purchase the growler, paid the deposit of 4 bucks (will get it back on my return visit) ... and already enjoyed the Patio Sunshine APA. My next visit is very soon! 

Patio Sunshine American Pale Ale:
I loved it especially during the torrid, humid weather here.

New batch of custom Red Dots Cycling caps.


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