"It wasn't great for me because I was waiting for three hours in the hot seat. It was really stressful watching strong riders like Tony Martin and Michal Kwiatkowski ride. Kwiat is my friend, beating him by one second maybe due to bad luck but I couldn't enjoy it."
- Maciej Bodnar, winner stage 20

"I'm out of gas. I am tired, I've given everything. It's the Tour de France and some days you feel good and others you don't. This stage was just one of those days when it just didn't go well. I knew I couldn't let me head go down in the money-time. I'm delighted to have given it everything and there's a little bit of success in having saved a podium place."
- Romain Bardet, finishing just over 2 minutes behind Bodnar clings onto third spot.

Alberto Contador finished stage 20 TT in sixth spot only 21 seconds slower than the winner Maciej Bodnar.

"I can only say 'thank you' to the public, because  even though I didn't achieve what I was hoping for and what I worked so hard for, I could feel the love at every stage and it was amazing. For me it is like a tribute and it is a privilege to be part of this. I am immensely thankful."
- Alberto Contador