My blog turns 10

photo: Cycling Art

Exciting news! It is the tenth anniversary of my blog! I never believe I would be writing my blog for a decade, but when I think of all the adventures it starts to feel real. I started in 2007 returning back to riding after sometime off. Getting my Marinoni back on the road was a life changer for me that got me addicted back to riding and away from a sedentary life. And, then it started rolling; restoring my Marinoni, meeting my friend Guy, helping to form the FRFuggitivi cycling club and having the pleasure to meet some fine folks sharing the love for the bike. 

Now that I have moved from the west coast to the east coast, looking for new roads to ride, I'm fired up with my blog and... who knows planning to add another 10 years to it. A heartfelt thanks for your support over the past decade. Whether you've been reading since day one or just discovered Cycling Art Blog, I'm glad you're riding along.