Eric Velofixing my Marinoni
photo: CyclingArt

I can do basic bike maintenance but not the complex chores. In fact, I like to keep my 1987 Marinoni a pristine look, a show room clean. 

Living in a small town without a bike shop is quite challenging. Rather than put up with finding a decent and trustworthy bike shop in the city can be daunting. So enter Velofix. I checked out their website and, if you are not familiar... they are a mobile bikeshop that caters to all. Actually I knew of them back when I lived in Vancouver. I didn't use them as I already was using a pro bike shop around the corner where I lived. I thought of them more seriously when my gear cable frayed (about two weeks ago). I used their website to contact them. They don't service my area and I was all too keen to meet them by driving out to Ottawa. A cancelation was a delay that I had no choice of but I was relieved to finally meet with Eric. I drove over to our meeting point and discovered Eric was already fixing someone's sleek Canyon. The fun part of the Velofix experience is the shop van is large enough to stand in, client included. And to chat and watch as your two wheel buddy is being serviced... all encouraged. Soon enough, Eric got to my bike and we chatted about his next Triathlon in Montreal as he was replacing my gear cable and adjusting my rear derailleur. 

All in all, 20 minutes and it was done... very affordable, enjoyed Eric's company and I am a satisfied and happy customer.