We produced an honourable performance

"For all of Colombia, for all these people who support us with so much warmth, Egan Bernal's win is a dream. I've been waiting many years for this moment. I haven't won it. but it's still a win. I'm not the winner, but Colombia, we are one person, and Colombia has been celebrating Bernal's win, I am happy."
-Rigoberto Uran

"You can't help but wonder what Woods would have done if he hadn't fallen over. I would have loved to have seen what he could do without the falls."
-Charly Wegelius, DS

"I can't verbalize the experience yet. I raced my bike for 21 days and accomplished something that I had dreamt of and was part of something I watched on TV before I was a cyclist, that I recognized the significance of before I found this sport. How do you put that into words?"
-Mike Woods, 32nd place.

"We produced an honourable performance in the face of adversity. I give us a solid B+. The dice weren't rolling our way, and the fact that we were able to produce such a good performance in the face of adversity shows our depth. We can reshuffle and figure things out. That's a nice feeling. If one thing goes wrong, we don't all fall to pieces.

"I give the team an A+ for the spirit, B+ for the performance - and next year, we'll get an A+ for performance."
-Jonathan Vaughters, CEO