Higuita Monster and the Laurentian Classics

First year in a World Tour team, first victory in a grand tour.

"Yesterday, when I didn't have the legs to be in the echelons and fight for the top 10 of the GC, we decided to save energy for today and to relax as much as possible, as if it were a recovery ride. It was great for me, as I was feeling really tired before the stage - I even fell asleep on the bus! Climbing Cotos I felt extraordinary good legs, and I was able to keep my chasers at bay. I went full gas to the finish line, as I was pretty motivated to give my team a stage win after such a difficult La Vuelta. At La Vuelta, I've learnt not to give up, not even in the worse moments, and to be resilient. Each day is a new day and any day you can finish with a victory."
- Sergio Higuita. Stage 19 victor.

"The truth behind someone never surfaces when things are good but instead when hard things hit. Today, we say the truth behind Sergio."
- Jonathan Vaughters

Our Canucks ready for today's GP Cycliste de Quebec!

photo: James Startt

The Grand Prix Cyclistes de Quebec et Montreal celebrate their 10th edition. An important event that plays a huge role in the recent development of men's road racing in Canada.

"We are super lucky to have Serge Arsenault putting them on. It's what enabled me to get a contract with Jonathan Vaughters. Having done these races, I was able to come into the WorldTour and in my first WorldTour races with the team, the Tour Down Under, I was able to place fifth. I know that it will give the other guys here, we have 19 Canadians here, that extra experience that will get them results later on in their careers."
- Michael Woods

"It means a lot more than people think cause even one race like this, it didn't only give me something to strive to as I was coming up but if I was on any other national team, born in any other country, I wouldn't have the chance to do events like this.
- James Piccoli