The Devil and El Diablo


High 5's - The Devil and El Diablo

This Saturday will be the start of the Tour de France in Nice. During a global pandemic, the Tour was already in doubt since March and postponed in April. According to Amaury Sport Organisation, which runs the Tour, there will be strict protocols in place. Riders and staff - limited to 30 - will be monitored for symptoms, at least twice a day. If two team members, riders or staff, test positive or show multiple symptoms, the team will be removed from the race.

ASO and the UCI are surprisingly silent at what point the race ceases to be viable if multiple teams are sent home. Or what happens if a major outbreak of Covid-19 occurs within the race, or along the route. 

It may be a devilish decision on part of ASO to proceed with the biggest stage race in the World, as a fan - I'm looking forward to it.