Completely and utterly different.


Sheep crossing = Rest day.

Form returns:
Michael Woods was second place on stage 6 to Aramon Formigal.

Due to a second wave in COVID-19, Spain has implemented a national wide curfew. The Vuelta España continues for now...

There seems to be a curfew between 10pm to 6am. If that becomes the situation, the Vuelta will not be affected.
- Javier Guillen. Race Director 

"All of my career I've dreamt of trying to be in the top five, top 10 maybe in a race of this stature so this is something completely and utterly different. I think this is going to take a long time to sink in. 

You know you're in a pretty good situation when they're screaming at you not to take any risks in the last kilometre. It's not often your directeur sportif tells you to slow down in a 15km time trial but I knew the work had been done up to that point."
- Tao Geoghegan Hart