Giuseppi Marinoni - keep up the pace.


photo: David Boily, La Presse

Here's an excellent video from Radio-Canada Sports Tasse-toi le jeune, on the legendary Giuseppi Marinoni and what's he up to at 83 years old!

"For rides of less than 80 kilometers, he doesn't even bother to get on his bike. Giuseppe Marinoni puts on his shorts several times a week to cover 100, 110, 130kms. Cycling has been the lifeblood of the man who turned 83 last fall.

When he's not riding, he's at the factory of the bike company he started, Cycles Marinoni. If you meet him on the road, do not hesitate to talk with him about his native Italy. On the other hand, you will have to manage to keep up the pace!"

-Giuseppi Marinoni Radio-Canada Tasse-toi le jeune!