Team TotalEnergies: Peter Sagan-centric


One day in hell.

"We have a balanced group in 2022 which must be present in the various races. It is true that the Classics division will obviously have a very interesting strike force with Peter Sagan and Anthony Turgis. Our leaders will have the chance to be supported by very valuable team members."

-Benoit Genauzeau. DS Team TotalEnergies

"There were several teams that showed interest, but Bernaudeau's team showed the most respect for me. They really wanted me and they showed it all the time. They answered every question we had immediately. It sometimes took others weeks. They are building a team around me and that's what attracted me to the project. I don't care that TotalEnergies are not currently on the WorldTour, I want to help them grow."

-Peter Sagan