Inside the fridge.


Love the muck.

Tour Withdrawal.

Carpe Diem. Vita Brevis!

The Dog Days of Summer.

Jens the Hero.

The God of the Mountains.

A battle of attrition on Ventoux.


Cuts like a knife.

In Horseshoe Bay.

A kind deed.

Stage 13; Fright & Joy!

The Manx Missile Ties Barry Hoban.

Brent Humphrey's Projectletour.

Tom Simpson: (Nov. 30/1937-July 13/1967)

Bib shorts, heat, tricolour flying, & Thor

The Eagle of Toledo.

Throwing the hammer down for green!

Garmin-Slipstream Service Course Centre.

Slipping into a solid second.

Major Tom's Tours.

Big George on his 14th!

Le Grand Depart.

Tick-Tock Up Ventoux.

Delightful Date Squares on a 142nd Birthday!