Glimpses from 'Hell'

The Tour of Good Health … 'Poupoular' for Mr. Unlucky.

The Gavia Epic; hot tea, cognac and the Cima Coppi.

The birth of the Cannibal, percolating with chicory in his veins.

The maple leaf in France? Pourquoi pas?

Dai, dai, dai, Milano-San Remo!

Cancellara's birthday gift. Cipo 'exits' stage left not laughing.

4 times lucky

"Un vino con quel signor?"

'Killer' of a hill

Badger bites dog!

Thor's thunder, Steegman's bounty

Rydering Heroic, eh!

The Race to the Sun ... without the politics, please!

I'll have a Watney's... with my mussels & frites?

The Flying Milkman; a classic(s) rival