That Lovin' feeling.

Tante Aurore's Tarte au Sucre.

My 200th with le Grimpeur!

Tuft going, silver turns into gold!

I'm not Eddy!

"Be strong, ride in front, and have a little luck."

Quebec's sweet two.

Oh Canada!

Behind the scenes with Moser's Italian flare!

My Osteopathy appointment

Running of the Bull.

Ready or not the steep Alto de L'Angliru!

Nice evening chat with Abe.

The ageless, Malcolm Elliott!

Milani Replica.

Ridin' with the Cannibal: 1989 Merckx Corsa.

Taking the Reynolds out for a ride!

Paul Kimmage: Craché dans la soupe/Spat in the Soup!

The Italian Master!

Those great cycling jerseys.

Katyusha fires a rocket launcher!