Beachcombing the Sunshine Coast.

Getting a jump start at Hackett Park, Sechelt BC

Carolle and I enjoyed a working weekend in Sechelt, BC at the Hackett Park Art Festival.

The weather was all we could ask for; sunny, warm with plenty of interest in our products. It marked our first show in picturesque Sechelt. It's in conjunction with the annual writer's festival. Our Galstudio cycling caps and accessories were a hit and folks truly appreciated the fact that we recycle bike inner tubes into practical and fun products. In fact, I sold my very first key chain ring. So, with that in mind, I'm busy with another new product for an upcoming show in two weeks.

Reaching for the Cafe Racer Cozy...

What is also fun about these shows is the folks you meet. I met people as far as Calgary and Saskatchewan. Many of the vendors are old pros, on their ninth year and going strong. One fellow is around 80 years old and makes his own andirondack chairs out of beautiful wood. One of the vendors rode the Axel Meckx Gran Fondo, a glass artist producing some beautiful craft. And being an avid cyclist she bought pouches and a key chain from us. As in all first time shows we're finding it a learning curve and discovering ways to further improve. Interesting people, the quirky vendors and the salty fresh air make the decision to return very easy!

New... Keychains!

On Saturday night, we strolled with Helene over to Molly's to have dinner and it's an landmark and tourist trap because of the hit tv show the Beachcombers. Although it's changed since the seventies (the interior, that is) there are relics from the show on display; pictures of the cast especially of Nick (Bruno Gerussi) remind you of simpler times. I had the wild sockeye salmon burger and in a way conversed with Nick, Relic & Molly!

Within, Molly's Reach...

Nick's Persephone in...

Beautiful Gibsons, BC.
Molly's in the background.
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