Aug 31, 2012

Friday File: Rambo, Free Labor Day Shipping, Planking & Laurent Fignon

Perfect conditions for Rambo.

Two great riders, past and present, are featured on Friday File...

Forty-one year old, Niko Eeckhout takes the tiger by the tail and wins solo on a wet cobbled course between Belgium and Holland called Schaal Sels last Sunday. A fantastic classic win for the tough veteran, nicknamed 'Rambo' who is thinking of extending his contract for another season. I hope Rambo returns.

Today is the second anniversary of the death of the great Laurent Fignon. After two years, it's hard to believe he's gone. This is an image from my archives of the gallant Fignon on his climb up Block Haus, in the 1984 Giro. After this stage, he lost his Maglia Rosa to Francesco Moser. Not until the final ITT was the race decided and criticized by Fignon that Moser won aided by the overhead helicopter. An on-form Fignon finished in second overall but went on to dominate and win his second Tour de France!

The gallant Professor.

We're entering the Labor Day long weekend (Aug. 31-Sept. 3), and Red Dots Cycling is having a Free Shipping Sale. Buy in multiples and save even more ... because shipping is on us. Happy shopping!

M 25 Cycling Cap by 
Red Dots Cycling.

Has the Vuelta come down to four-horse race? This weekend will further decide who's really in the race with three monster mountain climbs. J-rod looks ever stronger holding onto the tenuous Roja Jersey. It's going to be interesting to see how Contador, Froome and Valverde will respond as the real race begins!

I know that it takes plenty of balance to ride a bike, I'm good but not this good...

This is new to me...
It's called, Planking!

This is how Portland keeps track of their cyclists...

I love cycling caps, the quintessential part of a cycling kit. In fact, I always have one on my ride. I never leave home without one. Here's a parting image of Mr. Kelly and Mr. Da Silva (1989 Tour) showing the classic example of how to wear the cycling cap!

Kelly and Da Silva wearing cycling caps...
How can you not smile?

Aug 29, 2012

Whole-Body Cryotherapy: Just Add Ice & Shiver!

I knew cyclists was using ice baths as a form of recovery to help reduce inflammation. I first saw Nicolas Roche immersed in a kids pool full of ice. It was after a notoriously hot stage in the Tour and Roche was sitting in back of a team van shivering. When asked why he was doing this he shook and said, "That's what everyone does to speed up recovery."

The two images are from FDJ and shows how far into the cycling world whole-body cyrotherapy is going. I've done some research and it's practiced by elite and recreational athletes.

Here's what I found out.

Developed in 1978, cyrotherapy chambers, that's the body size cyclindrcal tube, the ambient temperature is lowered to minus 110 C. The chambers were intended to treat certain medical conditions.

Athletes adopted these cold chambers to bring subzero temperatures to help them recover from strenuous workouts more quickly. It's not regulated, at least not in the US or Europe so the numbers of athletes using the ice box is unknown.

Before entering the cryochamber, users must be wearing shorts, remove all jewelry (cold metal on skin is nasty), and don gloves, a face mask, a wooly headband and dry socks. You don't want your feet to freeze. The athlete stays in the ice box for no more than 2 or 3 minutes stamping their feet and waving their arms to keep up circulation.

Now, if the FDJ team is already using it how many more pro cycling teams are having ...the big chill?

If you see this FDJ truck parked at a race,
they're probably turning a rider into a popsicle.

Aug 27, 2012

Pic of the Day: Lucho

Up and Away!
 via:  Mon Tour de France 1959

What a classic image of Lucho Herrera (Colombia-Varta) storming up the Alpe d'Huez in the 1984 Tour!

Monumental victory for Herrera making history as the first Colombian rider to win a Tour stage. With this amazing victory, Herrera cements himself as one of the finest Colombian climbers. He is the second rider to win the KOMs classifications in all three Grand Tours. Federico Bahamontes is the first.

Love this retro-image of the helmet-less Lucho wearing the classy 3-color Colombia wool jersey with the Vitus Carbone bike.

Aug 26, 2012

FRFuggitivi: Steveston, Stripped of glory & Cipo

'Stripped of glory'...
in Steveston.

Sadly, we're approaching the end of August and I feel Summer's warm hold slowly loosening. No more hot, humid days. This morning, the temperature started on the cool side, but it turned out to be a nice pleasant ride as I met the squadra at the foot of the Richmond Skytrain bridge. The FRFuggitivi group rode into Steveston under sunny skies for our last ride of August.

We like Steveston. It's famous as an active fishing port and a tourist destination for it's quaint fishing village. It's also famous as a movie locale for The X-Files and Stargate SG-1. That's just two productions, there's many more.

Taking a break...
at Cafe Rocanini.

Conversation turned towards La Vuelta, Lance Armstrong and the USA Pro Challenge. How can we not talk about Jens Voigt and... Mario Cipolini. Mario mentioned that the Lion King is at the USA Pro Challenge doing what he does best... looking suavely good.

Great news; Mario and his wife will become new parents soon. In fact, he already asked me whether we produce kid's cycling caps. We do.

At Cafe Rocanini a middle-aged cyclist in an retro Discovery Channel jersey talked to Guy, after we both stared at the front page newspaper headlines, "Stripped of glory." I've seen many Discovery jerseys before but this one I haven't seen before. An odd looking blue and yellow.

The Armstrong aftermath has just begun.

And, to Mario ...It's true! Here's a picture of Cipo in all his cool glory at the USA Pro Challenge!

'Check out this hunk, rocking the open collared
shirt and mirrored shades in the VIP tent.'
From Twitter @nealrogers

The classy nautical crosswalk in Steveston.

All roads flat...
Pleasant ride today!

Aug 25, 2012

Friday File: Saturday Edition Marinoni

Big George on stage 3, USA Pro Challenge
photo: Doug Pensinger

Some of you may have noticed I missed yesterday's Friday File.

I took the day off to attend a wedding and I just want to wish J & J best wishes and thank them for an awesome party.

Ok, let's get started on a special edition of Friday File...

The USA Pro Challenge is exciting between Tejay Van Garderen and Christian Vande Velde. The leaders jersey changing hands and coming down to time gaps, who would figure. Going into the stage 6: Golden to Boulder is close, as Van Garderen holds the lead and Vande Velde second at 0:00

The exciting stage 6 had Rory Sutherland deny Jens Voigt of another stage victory and went on to win the stage. Defending champ, Levi Leipheimer took fourth and grabs the overall lead. Vande Velde is 2nd, Van Garderen is 3rd and the surprising Dombrowski is 4th. All within 21 seconds. Tomorrow is the final stage time trial... offering plenty of excitement!

It's hard to believe that George Hincapie, who rode his last road race today, will soon retire from 19 years in the professional peloton. He'll bow out after the USA Pro Challenge ending tomorrow with the TT. Amazingly, he holds a special record and one that probably will be hard to beat, 17 Tour de France and 17 Tour of Flanders. Truly one of the ironmen of cycling.

Valverde on top of the Collada de la Gallina.

Eighteen was the number of hairpins the riders had to scale up on the tough Collada de la Gallina climb. The heat of the Vuelta seems to be aiding the Spanish riders as it turned into a four-horse race. Valverde took the exciting stage just in front of Rodriguez and Contador. Froome was 15 seconds behind.

The London Paralympics start in a few days and here's a damn interesting bicycle made for paralympic Canadian world champion, Marie Eve Croteau.

A special Marinoni Carbon Fusion.

Speaking of Marinoni...

Dave from Ontario sent me some pictures of his very unique steel lugged 1985 Marinoni.  I'm planning  an in-depth post, but meanwhile here's a first look...

Dave's 1985 Marinoni Special.
courtesy from Dave Yee

Aug 23, 2012


To a few of the heroes of today...

Veteran and all around favorite rider, Jens Voigt taking his first victory in two years on stage 4 USA Pro Challenge.

Tejay Van Garderen re-taking the race leadership, having a see-saw battle with Christian Vande Velde.

Joe Dombrowski, the young rider for Bontrager, sitting in 6th overall and getting ready to sign and move up to a WorldTour team next season.

And, Joaquim Rodriguez showing his pluckiness winning stage 6 and leading the Vuelta.

What's tomorrow going to bring?

Aug 22, 2012

Jens Voigt: Bringing back the FUN!

Courted by two other teams, Jens re-signs
with Radio Shack Nissan. 

Forty year old cycling icon, soon to be forty-one, Jens Voigt stays off retirement by signing for a one year extension with Radio Shack Nissan. 

Well known as one of sport's best rouleurs, Jens is easiest the sport's wittiest ranconteur.

I love this Voigtism...

Jens would always tell his shadow to keep up with him.

I for one am happy that Jens is back and telling his legs to shut up least for one more season!

Aug 21, 2012

La Vuelta: Roja changes harshly

Jersey de Oro 1981...
worn by Giovanni Battaglin.

The overall leader of the Vuelta wears the Roja jersey, in the past it was known as Maillot amarillo and the Jersey de Oro. Since 2010 it has remained red to differentiate from the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France...

Simon Clarke takes stage 4!

Today's stage 4, a wild affair with leader Alejandro Valverde crashing out and spending the last 25kms desperately chasing caused him to lose close to 2 minutes and the Roja jersey. Simon Clarke won his first Pro victory as Chris Froome and Purito Rodriguez finished well ahead of Valverde.

Purito wears the Roja jersey with Froome (2nd) and Contador in third overall. Valverde cried foul against SKY for attacking, after his crash, and causing it.

Valverde said,

They didn't have the balls to stop, they chose an unsporting way.

Sky's Juan Flecha, the rider who drove off at the front when Valverde fell said,

Nobody told me to stop and I only heard later that Valverde had fallen.

Vicious remarks? Misunderstanding during the frenzied stage?

Now will there be a Valverde revenge?


Roja Rodriguez!

Aug 20, 2012

USA Pro Challenge: Garmin Wins Stage One!

Back with a Bang!
photo: Helen H. Richardson

Tyler Farrar made good, with his first individual win in a year winning stage 1 of the USA Pro Challenge.

For the Boulder-based Garmin-Sharp team, the Colorado rarified air seem to do them a mountain of good. Tom Danielson took the KOMs jersey, Peter Stetina took the most-aggressive jersey and Farrar the leaders and sprinters jersey. Quite the haul for the Garmins taking four jerseys. To see Danielson and Farrar ride so well since their bad crashes in the Tour, it seems to be a turn of fortune.

A great win for sure for Farrar, not the type of race for a sprinter especially climbing the 10,200-foot Lizard Head Pass. Tomorrow is a 99 mile Montrose to Mt. Crested Butte road race including the 2-mile climb to the finish.

Tom Danielson said...

It was a lot of fun. I haven't had that much fun in a bike race in a long time.

I have a feeling the Garmin fun is has just started!

Full Results.

The 3 Smiling Garmins and Gavin Mannion (Bontrager) wearing the 
Young Riders Jersey.

Aug 19, 2012

La Vuelta: Heating Up & Cooling Off

Degenkolb scores!

Today's stage two of the Vuelta a Espana was won by the Argos-Shimano German sprinter, John Degenkolb.

Second day of high heat (late 30s C), the riders kept the pace relatively low until the last few kilometres when Degenkolb drove passed Allan Davis (Orica-GreenEDGE) and Ben Swift (SKY) for the honors. Degenkolb commented that the team's minimum goal was to win a stage ... mission accomplished. No change on the GC as Jonathan Castroviejo has the Roja Jersey.

And, with the Vuelta certain to have another scorcher stage... can there be relief for the riders? The answer is Yes! Today, organizers allowed the riders to drink towards the end of the stage.

Here's the always entertaining Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass with tips on how their riders cool off before and after Saturday's team time trial. Many teams used the smart ice vest. Let's hope the ice machine doesn't break down!

Tomorrow's stage 3 will be extra entertaining, test for the climbers, the first mountain stage a 155km adventure from Faustino V to a summit finish in the Basque town of Elbar.

Full Results.

41C in Pamplona!
Neil Stephens with special guest... Big Mig!

Aug 18, 2012

David Veilleux... FORZA!

Impressive performance today by Canadian David Veilleux (Europcar) soloing to victory in the little known, Tre Valli Varesine (198.5km) in Luino, Italy!

Here is the exciting video including the Italian play by play with 11 kms remaining. I don't understand Italian but the excitement is riveting.

After his teammate Thomas Voeckler tried his patented attacks and was reeled in, Veilleux made his own attack and stayed out in front with 17 kms left. He made his attack stick to win.

With today's excellent win, David Veilleux wins the overall classification of the Trittico Lombardo (Lombardy Triptych) the three-day race held around Lombardy. His other two races are 24th in the Coppa Bernocchi and 42nd in the Coppa Agostini. He becomes the only North American and Canadian to win this three-day race.

Let's not forget, compatriot Francois Parisien (SpiderTech) put in a stunning ride today to finish 4th and  provides a unique Canadian one-two!

Monster Ride!

The 24-year old David Veilleux is on a winning streak, last week Veilleux won the Mi-Aout en Bretagne stage race in France.... what a stunning performance!

Aug 17, 2012

Friday File: Horsepower, Timmy Duggan, Les Grimpeurs, Vuelta & USA Pro Challenge

Rollin horsepower to La Vuelta!

They will be two cycling events I'll be following with interest..

Tomorrow starts the 67th edition of La Vuelta and I'm glad Canadian Dominique Rollin (FDJ-BigMat) is riding and will have the chance to show his rouleur skills to power his way in the sprints and breakaways. His bad Giro experience, hit by a Vancasoleil car, knocked him off his bike with injuries. If that wasn't enough, on the monster Stelvio stage on the Passo del Tonale, he was DSQ for hanging on to the team car. However, the horse from the north is back and revving up the horsepower to win a stage. If he does, he moves into pretty good company with compatriot Ryder Hesjedal (stage victory in 2009).

La Vuelta starts Saturday with a 16.2km team time trial in Pamplona. To starve off some of the oppressive heat, the race respectfully starts at 7 pm local time. I'm going for the precision and experienced time trial squad of Garmin-Sharp to win and have the first Roja Jersey!

An excellent signing!

Steve Bauer's Team SpiderTech keeps on getting stronger with the excellent signing of Timmy Duggan for 2013. I was having my usual second morning coffee and read it off my twitter feed and nearly jumped with excitement. After riding for two years with Liquigas-Cannondale, the US National Road Race Champion signs for 3 seasons with Canadian Team SpiderTech. It's a great move for Duggan riding with familiar faces and helping the Pro Conti team on their goal to achieve 2014 WorldTour status. The ever optimistic Steve Bauer said it best,

We've had a great 2012 and are excited about 2013 with some real fireworks ahead!

Enjoy La Vuelta!

If Chris Froome falters, look up to SKY with two Colombian cards up their sleeve to play in this mountainous Vuelta... Sergio Henao and Rigoberto Uran for stage wins and podium.

Another favorite climber is 37 year old David Moncoutie (Cofidis) and he will be back to tackle and try to cement another Vuelta KOMs classification. He's back from his Tour de France crash and had to abandon on stage 16. With that behind him, Moncoucou looks ahead to win his 5th KOMs jersey and a stage win... I think he'll Reign in Spain!

Moncoucou wins his fourth KOMs, 2011 Vuelta...
Can he win the blue polka dots for a fifth time?

Monday starts the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and it will be a climber's heaven; 9 mountain passes, 42,000 feet of combined elevation. Here's the starting list and I will be watching this one on the Tour Tracker and it will be a mountain of fun!

UCI Road World Championships Sept. 15-23rd
Limburg, Netherlands.
Re-introducing the team time trial!

And as the weekend heats up, it's hitting 30C here, I hope everyone gets the chance to go out and ...ride!

Aug 16, 2012

La Vuelta: Up & Coming Andrew Talansky

Talansky celebrates stage 4 Tour de l'Ain.

I'm totally immersed in the book Argyle Armada by Mark Johnson. All about the interesting and often challenging intricacies of the unique Pro Cycling Team.

And as the Vuelta starts this Saturday, I couldn't help but think of a potential top five placing for ... Andrew Talansky.

He's another talented rider that's steadily climbing up the Garmin-Sharp ladder and his 2012 season has been very good. First overall Tour de l'Ain and Best Young Rider, Tour de Romandie (2nd on GC) & 8th Tour of Algave. Although, Talansky is flying under the radar with the likes of heavy favorites Contador and Froome going for the overall battle, a Talansky stage win and top five is possible...

Jonathan Vaughters believes in him and will put a pretty good group 'centered around his ambitions.' A good mix of talent and experience: Thomas Dekker, Koldo Fernadez, Michel Kreder, Christophe Le Mevel, Martijn Maaskant, Thomas Peterson & Johan Van Summeren. In fact, Talansky is the leader and with the Vuelta route designed for the climbers; 10 uphill finishes, 6 major mountain top finishes it will be ferocious.

The mountainous parcours would suit a billy goat and looks to be one if not the toughest Vuelta in history. I'm happy with the return of the dizzying Bola del Mundo summit, last climbed in 2010.

Advantage is that Talansky is not a heavy favorite for the GC, whilst two others will also be in the GC mix; Joaquin Rodriguez (2nd Giro) and Thomas De Gendt (3rd Giro). Andrew Talansky can upset the apple cart and go beyond his expectations... remember Ryder Hesjedal?

La Bola del Mundo...

The penultimate stage 20 Sept. 8: 169.5km. The final summit finish above the Navacarrada Pass, north of Madrid. 3kms at 12.4%, max 21% The road is paved, with rough cement, no asphalt and not open to regular road traffic. So narrow and steep, cars are not allowed. Instead mechanics will follow with spare bikes and wheels.

Ex-pro Eduardo Chozas said...

The problem won't be punctures, because that's difficult when you're going 12kph, or even 10kph on the steepest ramps. The danger is if you stop.

La Bola del Mundo: 3kms of suffering... fun for fans!

Aug 14, 2012

Il Lombardia: Muro di Sormano & the Falling Leaves Cycling Cap

Holy! The Muro di Sormano returns!

The Giro di Lombardia is September 29th!

Actually the race has been renamed, Il Lombardia it will take place the first Saturday following the World Road Race Championships in the Netherlands. This years race will honor a famous former champion ... Felice Gimondi!

Gimondi will turn 70 on race day and the race will honor him by starting in his birthplace of Bergamo. The Phoenix won Lombardia in 1966 and 1973. He also won the 1973 World Road Race.

This 106th edition of Il Lombardia, also nicknamed the Race of the Falling leaves, has traditionally marked the end of the road racing season. Thats changed since the UCI has juggled and moved Paris-Tours to October 9th, Tour of Beijing (October 10-14) and will close the season with the new Tour of Hangzhou (October 17-21).

The Classic...

And, further excitement awaits...

The steep Muro di Sormano is back after 50 years. It's 2 km long but has a 17% average gradient, narrow and steep with stretches at 25%. From 1960-1962, the steep Muro forced many riders to dismount their bikes and walk it or be pushed by the tifosi. In 1960, World Champion Ercole Baldini used a 44X29, Van Looy was pushed by fans and Anquetil said it would be impossible to go up. We can thank the organizers for bringing the Muro back.

Although the classic Race of the Falling Leaves is next month, Red Dots Cycling is proud to introduce the new classic... the Falling Leaves Cycling Cap!

... with Italian tricolor!

Aug 13, 2012

In The Fridge... Prost! to Argyle Armada.

The Foreward beckons one to start reading...

It was the best of time, it was the worst of times.

One of my old favorites is Holstein German Pilsner, a perfect old world brew to kick back with, especially during our hot days here, and enjoy the Argyle Armada (VeloPress) by Mark Johnson. I'll have a full review as soon as I'm finish enjoying this book on the American Garmin cycling team.

Perhaps more evident is the recent New York Times article by Garmin-Sharp team manager, Jonathan Vaughters admitting to doping. During his cycling career he rode for teams including US Postal Service and Credit Argricole and spoke of his regret at having used drugs. The reason, he says, for him leaving his life of a pro cyclist and make a 360 degree switch to team management with a mission: "where that choice was taken out of the equation through rigorous testing and a cultural shift that emphasized racing clean above winning. The choice for my athletes was eliminated."

Whilst Lance Armstrong is being reassessed by USADA, Vaughters has chosen to come out... it's never too late to come clean.

Thanks to Guy for lending me this!

Aug 12, 2012

Your Tour Guide... Steve from Oxford!

I haven't traveled to England...

This is a discovery for me, after watching this wonderful Youtube video, 'Pedal em Oxford' from ESPN Brasil of cycling in Oxford UK with my friend Steve Reynolds.

Let me see, Carolle and I have known Steve ever since we started selling our rubber inner tube products... a few years ago now. We knew that he was someone special after sending us a pic of himself wearing a santa hat and proudly holding his Piccolo pouch. Steve introduced me to the famous Flavio Zappi, that's the man that rode in the 1984 Giro and came up second to Laurent Fignon in the KOMs classification. I contacted him and mentioned back in 1984, after my visit to Pinarello in Treviso, I bought a Metaurmobili team jersey. In fact, he rode for the team and tirelessly worked for Lucien Van Impe and Johan Vandevelde. He was a little envious that I had a Metauromobili jersey, he lost his throughout the years and he said I reminded him to contact his old director sportif for a possible replacement jersey. I hope he found one.

Back in the day...
Flavio in the Green jersey, 1984 Giro
photo: Sirotti

Today, Flavio runs Zappi's Cycling Club and last year, graciously sent me a jersey, mussette & cap that I covet on my rides. Steve and Flavio made me an honorary member of the club, I believe I'm the only Canadian of the club.

Since then Steve has been a supporter (sent me the EstaThe banner) and more than that, I consider him a friend that I would love to go for a ride with and also enjoy a Zappi's espresso or a local pint.

It's great to discover this video of Oxford tour guide, Steve and to hear him speak. Bear in mind, I've only corresponded with Steve through email and Facebook, so I haven't heard him speak... until now. I feel that I have a cycling mate in Oxford.

Perhaps one day I can take the Oxford tour ... with him!

Aug 11, 2012

O Tuft it is!

photo: Graham Watson

Svein Tuft pulled a fast one...

...putting in a magnificent ride to win stage 6, ITT of the Eneco Tour and becoming the race leader. 20:25 over 17.4 km course to take his first WorldTour individual win of the season.

This morning when I did a little warm-up, I knew it was going to be a good ride. When I came across the line and saw my time, I was pretty surprised. I was hoping to have a really good time trial, bit I didn't expect to be in the leader's jersey at this point in the race. It's a great feeling.

We're in a really good position with four riders in the top six. This gives us a lot to play with, and they're all really strong guys. At this point, we haven't discussed a plan for tomorrow yet, but we have options when we have numbers on our side. I'm expecting a good battle.

The final long stage is tomorrow, 215 kms which classic fans will know... starring the Murr!

Stage 6:

1. Svein Tuft...  20:25
2. Taylor Phinney...  0:05
3. Lars Bloom...  :06


1. Svein Tuft...  19:56:57
2. Lars Bloom...  0:04
3. Sylvain Chavanel...  0:16
4. Jens Mouris...  0:25
5. Luke Durbridge...  0:25
6. Sebastian Langeveld...  0:37

Aug 10, 2012

Friday File: Our 17th, Go Catharine Go, Soccer Bronze, Muur Calling & Psycho

She's gonna rip it up!
photo: Sean Kilpatrick

Friday File time...

To start off, Carolle and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary tomorrow... knowing Carolle she will fill up our special day with good food to enjoy. I can already smell the BC blueberry lemon, lime pound cake cooling off in the kitchen!

We can only wish...

Also, tomorrow (4:30 AM) is Canada's main hope to win another gold... Catharine Pendrel. The final cycling events switch to mountain bike events at Haleigh Farm. She is the World No. 1, 2011 World Champion and current leader of the World Cup Series. And looking to improve from her fourth in Beijing, Pendrel said...

I know that I'm capable of a top three for sure. I know I'm capable of having a really great race... it takes a lot of factors to fall into place on the day. I think we've done the groundwork to have a great day.

Having watched what was one of the most exciting and skilled soccer matches ever, in my humble opinion, the US beat our Canadian ladies in a controversial referee-ed Olympic semi-final. But, Canada returned emotional down ...but not out! They took the bronze, an historical first Olympic medal, over the French. Guru coach John Herdman came in to turn the Canadian Women's soccer program around after a disaster 2011 World Cup. The results have been fantastic giving the Canadian ladies an emotional and physical toughness to compete with the best. The World Cup is coming here in 2015 and with plenty of hard work and hopefully lot's of new investment it's going to pay off... again!

Sunday means the Muur!

Tornado Tom Boonen is currently leading the Eneco Tour, with the ITT Saturday... Sunday promises to be a dramatic stage riding up the famous (so glad the organizers included this) Murr van Geraardsbergen. Tomorrow's ITT is 17km perfect for ...dragster Svein Tuft!

I'm heavily considering having some of my cycling art prints on the Red Dots Cycling website. I'll be working on the logistics! Here's a review of my artwork by thewashingmachinepost

One more...
Even psychos have some bike fun...
Anthony Perkins plays some early bike polo on the set of Psycho!

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